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“About Us”

Black Pearl Weddings understand that perfection on your wedding day is non-negotiable. With so many facets to account for when planning a wedding, it can often feel overwhelming, and hard to decide where to begin or how to proceed. Not only this, but many clients are simply unable to factor in the sheer volume of time and effort it takes to plan the wedding, given to busy schedules.


Specializing in wedding planning and consultancy only, all of our efforts are focused on creating truly spectacular matrimonial ceremonies. Due to this Black Pearl Weddings only commit to a limited number of weddings per year to assure each couple of the highest quality, exclusive service.


Black Pearl Weddings offer a range of services that tend to clients’ needs at all stages of the wedding planning process. All our services are delivered as one would expect a black pearl to be treated – with the greatest care and attention being given as a matter of course. So whatever your specification, Black Pearl Weddings endeavour to ensure that you will be delighted with the outcome.


We have a comprehensive list of contacts so that every couple are only presented with options of the utmost elegance and style.


Simultaneously to this, our continuing market research brings both the latest trends and the traditions in vogue to the forefront of our consultations and throughout the ensuing process.


From commencement, we diligently manage expenditure with strong financial skill and experience, enabling us to achieve the desired results within your budget.


Black Pearl Weddings are recognized by the UKAWP, and strictly adhere to the code of practice to ensure all our clients’ interests are at the heart of our operation and drive us on to deliver only the finest service.